Hot Water Valves

These valves  should be released every 6 months to unsure thet are kept in good working order. Replacement is recommended every 5 years

Concealed Leaks

Make sure every tap inside the house is turned off then check your water meter to see if it is moving. It only has to move slightly to reveal a leak.

Burst Hoses

A quick check to see if any rust marks on the hoses will tell you if they need replacing. We can replace them with a non burst type.

Leaking Toilets

It may not appear to be leaking but to be sure try placing a peice of toilet paper at the back of the bowl and see if it gets wet.

Low Or High Water Pressure

If your water pressure is too high it will put unwanted pressure on flexible hoses, mixer cartidges and inlet valves. It may also cause water hammer. Too low and you wont want to be in the shower when a second tap is opened. A new pressure limiting valve will solve both of these problems in most cases.

Leaking Taps

As simple as servicing a leaking tap may be, many plumbers often choose  poor quality  components to go back in. We only use the best. Which one is it?

Using Too Much Gas

Appliances and water heaters may not be running efficiently due to incorrect commisioning techniques. There may be a gas leak. If you smell gas shut the supply off and call to have the problem investigated.

Inconsistant Hot Water

There may be a issue with water pressure or the valve train of the water heater. We can quickly identify the issue and have it resolved so your enjoying your hot water again!

Smelly Drains

Your toilet seal or floor grate in your bathrooms may have perished causing the sewer to be venting . A new seal and one way valve in the floor grate can reduce the smell immensely!

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